Case Study

The Design Process

Whether you are currently trading or a business new start up, it is vital to get your branding strategy in line with your customers’ expectations.

Your brand must relay to your customers your company’s essence, its ethos, and portray the standard of service they can expect from you.

There is so much more to the design of successful branding than just picking an off-the-shelf logo and hoping for the best.

The brand design process starts from the initial concept stage, develops through consultation with you, the client, and ends with the finished Brand Guidelines. These guidelines can be as simple or as detailed as required, depending on the scale of the business, and who will be implementing them across the different marketing channels.

For a sole trader / small business this would probably mean a logo (in various formats for different requirements such as flyers, packaging, signage etc.), with a set colour palette.

Larger companies with marketing departments would require a more extensive set of guidelines to ensure continuity.

After initial discussions establishing the parameters of your business, your target audience and ideal customers, a shortlist of potential design styles and images are added to the mood board to aid with the design process. These are carefully considered choices, based on the information provided.

The Business Card

In this case we started with the business card as the client already had a logo to work from. We took the original raster (pixel based) image and vectorised it. A vector image is fully scaleable with no loss of quality (pixelation) so it can be used in the future for any number of applications regardless of size.

Logo1 [5000px X 5000px]

We then chose an image from the mood board and removed all the unnecessary background which would have been detrimental to the overall design. Note the continuation of the colour scheme.

A commercially usable stock image was chosen, and the background was removed to isolate the car.

The appropriate social media icons indicating how customers can get in touch with the client were also adapted to the same colour scheme. Again this provides continuity across the brand to increase the likelihood that your brand will be remembered, if not immediately, but in the future. Repetition and continuity are key elements.

The appropriate social media icons were created in the same brand colour format.

All the elements were then combined and adjusted until the end result was accomplished. A simple, clean design, which conveys a quality service at an affordable rate.

The Flyer

We were subsequently asked to produce a flyer to be distributed locally. Client requested a single sided flyer to distribute locally.

Note the continuing use of the car along with the logo to continue the brand theme.


We also provided a Facebook cover image to match the company branding

Subsequently we provided three Facebook post images, one for each of the client’s current services.

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